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nrg advertising superbowl sunday 2014
01 Feb 2014

Superbowl Monday

Forget the real field goals for a moment and savour the creative touchdowns several advertisers hope to make in Super Bowl 2014 today. True, the giant platform allows for mega brand exposure — and around $4 million a pop for a 30-second spot, thank you very much. But the...
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NrG Advertising eSight Issue 40 - westjet
12 Dec 2013

WestJet Christmas surprise

If you’re experiencing anything like most we’ve been chatting to lately, Christmas has come along way too quickly this year (unlike summer!). But rather than stress, let’s all take a quiet moment and give consideration to those less fortunate than we. A moment...
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NrG Advertising eSight Newsletter Issue 39 - Simple Icons
20 Aug 2013

Aussie Social Stats

With the Federal election announced on Twitter, it seems like a good time to take a look at social media stats across Australia. A recent report from Margin Media shows that Australians are still mad for Facebook, novelty ice-creams and Apple products. And the winner is… As...
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NrG Advertising Agency Adelaide eSight Newsletter - W Motors
02 May 2013

Clean Slate Brands

Conventional advertising agency marketing wisdom requires brands to walk a tightrope of good behaviour for years to develop an everlasting heritage of trustworthiness to retain consumer loyalty. No longer! There has been a profound shift in the business arena with a whole new...
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NrG Advertising eSight Issue 37 – Oreo feature
05 Feb 2013

Oreo dunk in the dark

The Baltimore Ravens may be World Champions but Oreo emerged as the social media winner during the power outage at the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans. The 34 minute black out, during the third quarter of the game between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, stopped play...
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NrG Advertising Agency Adelaide eSight Issue 37 - Superbowl
04 Feb 2013

First and Ten!

It’s being played out as we write this e-sight, the biggest single game sports event of the year. The Superbowl is the biggest in terms of television audience (over 3 million extra viewers tune in simply for the half time entertainment), and biggest in terms of advertising...
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NrG Advertising eSight Issue 35 - Christmas 2012 eNewsletter
16 Dec 2012

Merry Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly… yet again! Given NrG is the thinking persons’ agency, we’re possibly too serious at the best of times (after all, we’re spending your company’s money!). So, lighten up, and spread the goodwill we say, nothing too...
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NrG Advertising eSight Issue 34 - Social Media is allk talk and no action eNewsletter
21 Oct 2012

Social Media… all talk!

SOCIAL media… all talk, no action! It may well be one of the best communications tools a business can have, but new research finds it doesn’t hold up when it comes to making money. Figures from Forrester track 77,000 purchases to examine what made customers buy; and only 1...
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