NrG Advertising Adelaide
05 Jun 2024

The Fall Guy Makes An Impact

The Fall Guy’s recent electrifying journey from screen to skyline has not only redefined the boundaries of traditional advertising but also set a new standard for the impact of outdoor marketing in the digital age. Universal Pictures has taken bold steps to elevate the excitement...
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09 Feb 2024

Super Bowl. Super Ads.

Super Bowl LVIII is poised to unfold in Las Vegas on Monday February 12th Adelaide time, and you know what that means. It’s time for the Super Bowl … commercials! Yes, the real main event is coming, when all of the companies in America put together their best minds and biggest...
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15 Dec 2023

Christmas Creativity

It’s that magical time of the year once more! Our screens light up with heartwarming Christmas commercials that don’t just evoke the holiday spirit but also resonate with our deepest emotions. These ads aren’t just about selling; they’re about storytelling and...
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NRG Halloween in Print - Colgate
03 Nov 2023

Halloween in Print

This year, big brands have showcased their exceptional creativity in Halloween print advertising. From spooky and witty imagery to clever wordplay, these advertisements have embraced the spirit of the season with a fresh twist. Pepsi have capitalised on their rivalry with...
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31 Oct 2023

Halloween Retail Juggernaut

Calling all witches and warlocks, the day is nigh! Halloween, a US event worth up to $12 billion or more each year. Whereas spending on the event in Australia is expected to near $500 million this year and an estimated 5 million of us getting involved, there is likely to be no...
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12 May 2023

Coronation Fun!

Spoof Coronation Guinness ad goes viral. Hats off to an Aussie creative that took poetic license with a few global brands to celebrate the historic Coronation of King Charles III. According to B&T Events, Anthony Smith of Sydney-based Jaywing took it upon himself to create a...
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28 Mar 2023

3D Billboards

Technology 200 years in the making…It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s…a giant 3D BMW driving towards me in the middle of Times Square? We don’t need to tell you much about billboard advertising. The idea has been around since the 1830’s when a man by the name of Jared Bell...
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09 Feb 2023

Big Game. Bigger Ads.

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs will face off Monday 13th February (AUS time) in the NFL’s Super Bowl, but many viewers will be watching the big game just for the commercials. Celebrities abound, special effects dazzle. Some ads tug at hearts, while others...
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01 Dec 2022

Christmas… Joy For All

Rejoice, the most magical time of the year is here! No, not Christmas, that’s just under a month away. It’s that time of year where we see shops and garden centres putting up tinsel and playing Michael Bublé. But it’s also the time of year when mega brands pretend to be...
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