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Woolworths Anzac Day Campaign Fresh in our memories
17 Apr 2015

A lesson for all advertisers

After less than a day in existence, Woolworths’ ill-starred Anzac campaign looks certain to secure its own minor place in history as one of Australia’s biggest advertising blunders. In fact, it’s hard to recall any brand dealing with a more immediately painful public response....
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NrG Advertising eSight Newsletter Issue 39 - Simple Icons
20 Aug 2013

Aussie Social Stats

With the Federal election announced on Twitter, it seems like a good time to take a look at social media stats across Australia. A recent report from Margin Media shows that Australians are still mad for Facebook, novelty ice-creams and Apple products. And the winner is… As...
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NrG Advertising eSight Issue 34 - Social Media is allk talk and no action eNewsletter
21 Oct 2012

Social Media… all talk!

SOCIAL media… all talk, no action! It may well be one of the best communications tools a business can have, but new research finds it doesn’t hold up when it comes to making money. Figures from Forrester track 77,000 purchases to examine what made customers buy; and only 1...
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