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Woolworths Anzac Day Campaign Fresh in our memories
17 Apr 2015

A lesson for all advertisers

After less than a day in existence, Woolworths’ ill-starred Anzac campaign looks certain to secure its own minor place in history as one of Australia’s biggest advertising blunders. In fact, it’s hard to recall any brand dealing with a more immediately painful public response....
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30 Oct 2014

Triple play by Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is looking to cash in on the Hobbit craze once again with its new safety video. The “Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made” is being released ahead of the third and final film in the The Hobbit Trilogy, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. The...
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02 May 2013

Clean Slate Brands

Conventional advertising agency marketing wisdom requires brands to walk a tightrope of good behaviour for years to develop an everlasting heritage of trustworthiness to retain consumer loyalty. No longer! There has been a profound shift in the business arena with a whole new...
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